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June Angela and Gene Profanato

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Aki and Sashi from Mr. T and Tina are hāfu.

Mr. T and Tina is an American sitcom and a spin-off of Welcome Back, Kotter starring Pat Morita that aired for five episodes on ABC from September 25 to October 30, 1976.

Mr. T and Tina centered around Taro, a single father, relocates because of business from Japan to Chicago. Conservative Taro wants a traditional nanny for his children Aki and Sachi. But he gets Nebraska born Tina, who challenges his orthodox ways.

Taro was played by Pat Morita, as a character spun off from Welcome Back Kotter. The two kids on the show were actually half Japanese sisters named June Angela and Gene Profanato.

Prior to Mr. T and Tina, June, was a regular on the PBS show The Electric Company, appearing as Julie. She was awarded an Emmy of Honor for her work on the series. Angela sang on the Grammy Award-winning 1971 soundtrack album of The Electric Company as well. Angela said she named her Short Circus character Julie after her idol at the time, Julie Andrews.

As Electric Company production began to wrap up, June landed the role of Aki. Closer to the present day, June appeared as the recurring character of Madame Xing, Jessica’s psychic on the ABC TV series Fresh Off the Boat.

June holds the distinction of making the youngest solo soprano debut at age 10 as Flora in Benjamin Britten’s The Turn of the Screw with the New York City Opera at Lincoln Center.

June was levitated atop the World Trade Center by Doug Henning in the “highest levitation in the world” in 1976.

June’s sister Gen Profanato seems to have become interested in other things once the run of Mr. T and Tina ended in October 1976.

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