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Golden Half Member ルナ (Luna)

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Takamura Luna (高村ルナ) was born September 18, 1952 and died March 6, 2004. Luna was born in Kobe, Japan. She is half German on her father’s side, and Japanese on her mother’s side. After Golden Half broke up she became an actress with her full name of Luna Takamura.

In 1974, she appeared in the movie エスピ (Espy). Starring in 日活ロマンポルノ “Confessions of Nun Luna” (1976), “Luna’s Confession-Men Flocked to Me” (1976).

As a solo artist, she released “Morning of Angels” (1975, Crown Records ) also, under the name of Luna Takamura. She died on March 6, 2004, from cancer in Honolulu.

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