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Golden Half “黄色いサクランボ” (Kiiroi Sakuranbo)

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The Golden Half version was a 7″ single, released in 1970, as the first big song from their debut album Golden Half Desu.

  • A Side: 黄色いサクランボ (kiiroi sakuranbo) “Yellow Cherry”
  • B Side: 恋人がほしいの (koibito ga hoshiino) “I Will Teach You the Way of Women”.

黄色いサクランボ (kiiroi sakuranbo) ‎(7″) was the Golden Half‘s first single, released August 5, 1970. It’s from the debut album ゴールデンハーフです. “Yellow Cherry” is a 1959 song by the Japanese trio Three Cats. The Three Cats (スリー・キャッツ) lineup consisted of Keiko Ozawa (小沢桂子), Kayo Umeda (梅田和代) and Yurie Uehara (上原由里江). The original lyrics are written by Tetsuro Hoshino (星野哲郎) and composed by Konosuke Hamaguchi (浜口庫之助). Performed by Columbia Orchestra. Produced as the theme song for the Shochiku movie 体当たりすれすれ娘 “Body Hit Sure Sure Musume” (released in August 1959), it became a huge hit as a healthy sexual appeal song.

  • The onomatopoeic word “Uhun” used in the lyrics was judged obscene and was banned from broadcasting on NHK . “Uhun” was Hamaguchi’s idea.
  • It recorded the biggest hit of the year, the first time Japan Record Awards have been nominated for,  but missed the grand prize, because of the social impact of being seen as an obscene expression.
  • The song was commissioned as a theme song for the movie, and was completed in one day at Hamaguchi’s house in lyric composition at the same time as the deadline for the next day. Hamaguchi suggested that the title be “yellow”, inspired by a fortune teller saying “this year’s trendy color is yellow” . At the time of the writing, there was no manuscript paper, so the words were written on toilet paper .
  • Hoshino’s eldest daughter was born the following year and named “Sakurako” in honor of this song.
  • The movie “Yellow Cherry” was released on March 18, 1960 in the Shochiku series. Color, standard, 76 minutes. Three Cats and Konosuke Hamaguchi also appear in the opening.
Originally a 5-member group, the fifth member, Eri Ishiyama (石山エリー) left the group shortly after the first single was released.
  • レーベル: Toshiba Records ‎– TP-2318
  • フォーマット: Vinyl, 7″
  • 国: Japan
  • リリース済み: August 5, 1970
  • ジャンル: J-Pop

黄色い サクランボ was released in August of 1970 and a performance of the song appears in the film: Stray Cat Sex Hunter. You can see the movie performance in the video below.


なさそでアハン ありそでアハン
ほらほら 黄色い サクランボ
つまんでごらんよ ワン
しゃぶってごらんよ ツー
甘くてしぶいよ スリー
ワン・ツー・スリー ウーン

黄色い サクランボ

若い娘がウフン 三人揃えばウフン
コロコロ 黄色い サクランボ
お熱い話に ンー
おしゃれな話に ヘェー
おいしい話に ウァー
ワン・ツー・スリー ウーン

黄色い サクランボ

なさそでアハン ありそでアハン
なんだか 黄色い サクランボ
さわっちゃいやいや ワン
はなしちゃいやいや ツー
ふざけてすまして スリー
ワン・ツー・スリー ウーン

黄色い サクランボ
黄色い サクランボ

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