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Golden Half “チョット・マッテ・クダサイ” (Chotte Matte Kudasai)

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Performed by Golden Half from their second album Golden Half 2.

This is the 5th single by Golden Half was released on December 1, 1971. “Chotto Matte Kudasai was originally written by Sam Kapu Jr., and released earlier in the year.  Loyal Garner and Jeanne Nakashima created the song with Osamu Katori(香取治)providing Japanese lyrics.

ゴールデン・ハーフのチョット・マッテ・クダサイ c/w ボタンとリボン(1971.12.01)


Golden Half’s Chotte Matte Kudasai was a single from the second album Golden Half 2.

The B-Side “Button and Ribbon” was originally a hit for Dynah Shore.

A third version was released in 1971 by a duo of Japanese-Brazilian sisters called Geminesse (ジェミネス).

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