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Golden Half “アダムとイブ” (Adam & Eve)

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ゴールデン・ハーフのアダムとイヴ (Golden Half no Adam & Eve)

A面: ポール・アンカ「アダムとイヴの物語」の
B面: エヴリ・ナイト (Every Night)

The second to last Golden Half single finds only three members left, after the departure of the three-year leader Yumi Kobayashi.

Adam & Eve as a Paul Anka song from the 50s. The B-side is also originally a Paul Anka song.

The single is from the last Golden Half album, also entitled アダムと .

レーベル: Toshiba Records
ID: TP-2889
フォーマット: Vinyl, 7″, EP
国: Japan
リリース済み: May 8, 1973
ジャンル: Pop
スタイル: Kayōkyoku
??: も同じくポール・アンカのカバー
Golden Half's Third Album アダムとイヴ (Adam & Eve)
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