All the Hāfu

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Halvsie is for, by and about all the hāfu we can find. We are made up for four main sections. Bookmark the one you like.


The Halvsie Homepage

homepage The domain name is the brand. When people look up the name, or see it on Insta or Twitter, they would see this page first. It always has 6 videos primarily for the first time visitor. We want to be the destination for hāfu that are just figuring out they're biracial. So the videos tend to be more timeless than timely.


Social Network Social is a hāfu exclusive digital community with a central timeline for, by, and about just hāfu. It's the hāfu family slack.


wiki.halvsie.com All the hāfu for posterity. All volunteer for regularity.


@halvsie We post #hāfulegend pop culture icons; #hāfupower slogans; and #hafuprops.
TikTok: Hāfu Check Round Up
Part Japanese, 100% Nikkei