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Hafu: The Outsiders of Japanese Society (film)

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“Gaijin”. That word. They don’t know what it feels like to be labeled “Gaijin”.


This film is about a girl, named Lisa, who is half Dutch and Japanese. She feels discriminated at the Japanese school she goes to because of her ethnicity. She feels that nobody will ever accept the way she is. But one day, when a guy from class stands up to her, she is left in shock. Although she still continues to face bullying every day, with the help of the boy she begins to gather the courage to face her enemies. It was then she finally is able to understand their perspective for the first time.

Directed by Sakura Sato (16) and Marina Ten Have (16)

  • Marina Ten Have DirectorCamera/Screenplay/Extra
  • Sakura Sato DirectorScreenplay/Actor
  • Lisa Siera as “Lisa Siera”
  • Taisei Tsugumori as “Taisei”
  • Karin as “Karin”

Director Statement

Marina Ten Have (16): “I’ve been passionate about filmmaking since the 6th grade when I started creating book trailers for my school’s library. Ever since I picked up a camera, I’ve been captivated with the energy and power of filmmaking. I’ve so far created a variety of films which touch on topics that are important to me, from LGBTQ, mental illness, and how culture shapes your identity.”

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